Creativity and doing things differently is at the core of every project I’ve launched. Many of these projects have their own strong branding to them, so while some may have been part of a work role, they very much stand out with their own personality and creative challenge that they existed to solve.

Pat Shepherd portrait with laptop

The Generosity Journal

A One Percent Collective project

The Generosity Journal was a One Percent Collective print publication I launched, featuring stories of humanity, creativity and mighty fine people. It was a way for us to share Collective stories through the joy of print. 4,500 copies were printed each issue and were distributed freely mainly around Wellington and Auckland.

We produced seven issues in total, interviewing good humans including; Seth Godin, Kimbra, Blake Mycoskie (TOMS Shoes), Urzila Carlson, Ladi6, Dai Henwood and a huge range of donors, plus the people behind the charities One Percent Collective partners with.

The Little Lotus Project

A SpinningTop project

Little Lotus Project was the sister project to The Good Karma Project. Auckland based artist, Misery, had been part of our initial project and asked how she could support us, thus Little Lotus Project was born. Our first trip saw four of us fundraising our way out to the Thai/Burma border to work with the kids on creative projects and to help them paint art on their new school building that SpinningTop had part funded.

Our second trip saw 13 volunteers from NZ, Australia, USA and Singapore, join us to once again work with the kids on art projects and painting of their schools. This project resulted a documentary, a music EP and $40,000 raised to support the kids, through our exhibition of art inspired by the kids. Artists included; Michel Tuffery, Flox, Misery, BMD and more.

The Good Karma Project

A SpinningTop project

The Good Karma Project was created after I learnt about the needs of migrant and refugee children on the Thai/Burma border. It was a way of using my photography, design and my creative contacts to raise funds to help support the children in their education and nutritional needs on the border.

A friend joined me for the six week project on the border, where we taught the children photography and art during their holiday break. The artwork was brought back to New Zealand, where we worked with around 20 artists, who created their own pieces of work inspired by a kid’s artwork that had moved them. The artists included; Misery, Flox, TrustMe, DRYPNZ, Sarah Maxey, Otis Chamberlain and more. $10,000 was raised on the exhibition opening night to support the children and I produced a 10 minute documentary to share the adventure.

Exposure Lifestyles Magazine


Exposure Lifestyles was a complete ‘for the love of it’ publication, a chance for me to document the creative world of New Zealand and meet some of the most inspiring humans around. I produced seven issues in the end, often printing 4,000 copies each issue to give away for free at launch events and on the streets of Wellington.

Producing the magazine saw me working with many businesses on the advertising side, plus getting to commission incredible cover artists, such as Taika Waititi, Mephisto Jones, DRYPNZ and more. We also featured a huge collection of interviews and images of inspiring Kiwis, including; Ans Westra, Warren Maxwell, Ladi6, Dave Dobbyn, Keisha Castle-Hughes, Chris Graham, Bret McKenzie and many more. Exposure Lifestyles was also where a number of well known musicians were first featured in a New Zealand publication.