About Me.

From the coast of bonnie Scotland, to the land of the long white cloud. Learn how skiing and photography led me to the world of creativity and design in Aotearoa (with some life-changing volunteering in Thailand too).

Pat Shepherd portrait with laptop


I’m originally from Scotland, however growing up ski racing in the Alps – the travel bug got me from an early age. So, after two years of studying photography, at the age of 20, I packed my bag and headed off for a year of backpacking around Australia.

It was during this trip that I visited New Zealand for the first time. I fell in love straight away, and within 6 months of returning to Scotland, I’d saved enough money to do my first winter ski season in Wanaka. That one season ended up turning into 3 winters in Wanaka.

It was during my time in Wanaka that I started photographing the Kiwi bands that would come through town. After a 10 day trip to Wellington, where I photographed 10 musicians in 10 days, I realised Wellington was where I wanted to be.

The rest as they say, is history. I’ve been in Wellington for 17 years now. I just love everything about Aotearoa.


My work life has varied a lot over the past 20 years, however it’s always been creativity and design that have been at the core of all the roles I’ve been involved in.

As a Creative Strategist, I’m just as comfortable on the tools as planning the next creative, brand or marketing campaign. The diverse roles means I’ve had to learn multiple areas of every business and use my design thinking approach to problem solve. This generalist nature of my work has proved to be a huge asset (and cost saver) for businesses I've worked with.

I’m currently the Brand & Marketing Designer at Snapper and on the side, I still maintain my role as Chief Doer of Things at One Percent Collective.

Many of my past roles I fell into organically. Such as SpinningTop, where I created The Good Karma Project as a voluntary project on the Thai/Burma border. This resulted in $10,000 being raised for the charity and saw me joining SpinningTop as co-manager.

Prior to that I was working with a huge range of clients for photography and design, as well as teaching graphic design and particularly the Adobe Creative Suite to businesses and to students at Yoobee College of Creative Innovation (previously Natcoll).

Check out my work page for a full overview.