Hello. Welcome to my website, here’s a little bit about me!

My career has largely been directed through my love of photography and design. After studying photography in Scotland, I jumped on the plane to Australia for a year of adventures. I eventually made the full-time move to New Zealand where I studied graphic design and was able to expand the range of photography and design clients I worked with, as well as launching a number of creative projects.

During these past 15 years in New Zealand I’ve learnt a diverse range of skills and have worked on projects with hundreds of clients. I am an Experience Designer (XD) and my areas of strength include; project management, brand strategy, customer experience, sponsorships, event planning, CSR and of course photography and design.

I hope you enjoy viewing my portfolio of photography, design and projects. PAT

One Percent Collective Trust

Chief Doer of Things

One Percent Collective is a simple & rewarding way to support Kiwi-based charities. I set the organisation up as I strongly believed the user experience of charity needed to change, we needed to connect to donors through real human stories, inspiring events and generally making it much easier and enjoyable for people to donate 1% of their income to causes they care about.

We've raised over $1 million in total for our partner charities here in Aotearoa. This is all thanks to our Collective of over 500 generous people. We also pass 100% of donations to charity, as we developed a model of corporate sponsorship and Future 50 donors, who support our operating costs.

As part of One Percent Collective, we also run The Generosity Journal, a free Journal of humanity, creativity and mighty fine people. 



• Brand Strategy
• Governance
• Project Management
• Event Management
• Design/Photography
• Sponsorship
• Financials
• Partnerships
• Presentations

SpinningTop Trust


SpinningTop exists to bring balance to vulnerable children living in extreme poverty. Currently working in Thailand and Burma, we fundraise in NZ to support a variety of projects centered around education, nutrition, shelter and play.

I was Co-Manager for SpinningTop for around 5 years, during which time I was part of re-branding the organisation. I also ran many international volunteer projects and worked with our project partners in Thailand, Burma and Samoa, to work out key needs and budgets.

The charity is supported by The Body Shop NZ as its history is linked with the late Dame Anita Roddick. I currently chair the board of SpinningTop Trust.



• International Budgeting
• Event Management
• Financials
• Design/Photography
• Sponsorship
• Marketing
• Volunteers

Freelance Photography


My freelance photography work has seen me work over a huge variety of areas, with hundreds of clients around New Zealand. Portraiture, documentary and music photography have been the main areas I have worked in, however commercial, studio, fashion and more, have all played their part in my 15 years of professional photography.

A huge part of my learning was inspired by something my mother taught me, that ‘the worst they can say is no’. This drove me to contact many musicians in my early years, photographing every weekend for free to hone my skills in music photography. It was these years of incredible photographic experiences that allowed to work with such a huge array of clients. View my photography work here.

Past Clients

• Red Bull
• Shapeshifter
• Fly My Pretties
• Wipster
• 20th Century Fox
• Macs Beer
• Vodafone Foundation
• Wellington City Council
• Rippon Festival

Freelance Design


Freelance design was an area I dived into after studying graphic design in Wellington. It allowed me to use my experience in photography and add to that, with skills in layout, typography and professional print production. By producing my own magazine, I learnt the skills needed to then take on the design role of NZ Skier Mag for 9 years and thousands of pages of design.

Multi-page layout is my key strength and I’m fortunate enough to have taken those skills over to the web, where using Squarespace as a platform, has allowed me to design websites for a range of clients. View my design work here.

Past Clients

• NZ Skier
• Mel Parsons
• Kandahar Racing
• Mandatory
• Accent Learning
• The Warratahs
• Matt Hay Music
• Inspiring Stories

Exposure Lifestyles Magazine


Exposure Lifestyles was a complete ‘for the love of it project’, a chance for me to document the music world of New Zealand and meet some of the most inspiring humans around. It was started as my final design assignment of my 9 month graphic design course. I went on to produce seven issues in the end, often printing 4,000 copies each issue to give away for free!

Producing the magazine saw me working with many businesses through ad spots and getting to commission incredible cover artists, such as Taika Waititi, Mephisto Jones, DRYPNZ and more.

Many Wellingtonians still treasure old copies of this publication, and it was the inspiration behind us launching The Generosity Journal, as part of One Percent Collective.


• Designer
• Ad Management
• Event Management
• Photography
• Brand Strategy
• Financials

Earlier Work Experience

Ace Training – 2010–2011
I worked as a software trainer, teaching businesses and individuals. The core software I taught was Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Acrobat.

Natcoll Design Technology (now Yoobee) – 2005–2008
I worked full-time at Natcoll, teaching the Diploma in Graphic Design course. This involved teaching the Adobe Creative Suite and also the theory and practical knowledge needed for creating professional print ready files.

Base – 2002–2004 (NZ Winters)
During my winters in Wanaka, I worked as a sales assistant in one of Wanaka’s top ski/snowboard and streetwear stores.

Craigdon Mountain Sports – 2001–2004 (Scottish Winters)
During my winters in Scotland, I worked as a sales assistant in Aberdeen’s top outdoor store. We sold everything from skis, snowboards, tramping equipment, tents and more.

Technical/Software Skills

My work in a variety of areas has seen my technical skills and software knowledge grow hugely with every role. Here’s an overview of my key skills:

• Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Acrobat, Illustrator
• Microsoft Office
• Google G Suite
• Xero
• Mailchimp
• Squarespace
• Hootsuite
• Facebook Business Manager
• Basic CSS
• Basic Video Editing (Adobe Premiere)

Say Hello

If you’d like to talk about any upcoming projects or work, then please just reach out via email at pat@patshepherd.co.nz. I am based in Wellington, New Zealand.